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My Vintage Video: The Jive Talking Roosevelt Franklin from Sesame Street

It’s my pleasure to introduce Roosevelt Franklin, the totally hip, skatting purple muppet from Sesame Street. What’s he gonna do when he turns two? He’ll tell you in this vintage video!
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Star Wars characters lead an anti-smoking campaign

Fifty years ago the Surgeon General issued a warning that smoking is hazardous to one’s health. In the years following, there have been numerous anti-smoking campaigns. One public service announcement I clearly remember is this one featuring C-3P0 and R2-D2.
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U2 performs New Year’s Day on British TV in 1983

U2‘s first really big hit was their song New Year’s Day. It was released on January 1, 1983. Here’s a 1983 performance the Irish band gave on the UK program Top of the Pops.
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Christmas stencils make a window wonderland

These window stencils certainly bring back a vintage Christmas memory. Do you recall using them or seeing this commercial?
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Otis Redding performs on TV the night before his death in a plane crash

The music headlines in December 1967 shocked fans of soul when Stax star Otis Redding died in a plane crash. The front page of this British weekly says it all. Otis Redding appeared on the December 9, 1967 episode of Cleveland television show Upbeat on WEWS-TV. Here he performs “Respect” from that appearance. Tragically, Redding […]
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Doctor Who debuts on British TV 50 years ago

The UK’s most famous doctor turns 50 this week. Doctor Who debuted on the BBC in November 1963.
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Ghosts on The Muppet Show Sing The Beatles for Halloween

This Halloween let’s feature a trio of ghosts singing the Lennon and McCartney classic I’m Looking Through You. The friendly ghosts performed the tune on The Muppet Show.
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London Fall Fashion 1967 Newsreel

This season, how about a bit of fall fashion from London circa 1967? I quite like the butterfly-on-the-back motif. Enjoy this week’s My Vintage Video.
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My Vintage Video: Friday the 13th Movie Trailer

Beware ‘cos a killer is on the loose this Friday the 13th. Enjoy the original 1980 movie trailer to the ultimate slasher film. Jason Voorhees is the deranged, mass killer and he’s after Kevin Bacon!
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Vintage Commerical: Kit Kat Candy Bar

The Android KitKat will soon arrive. So, I think it’s the perfect time to chow down on a chocolate crispy wafer (one of my faves) and watch this commercial from the 1970s.
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