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Original Chicago Street Sign – W McLean AV

Black and yellow street signs were once an iconic symbol of Chicago. These signs marked every street corner in the Windy City. This was before the 1970s, when the switch was made to the traditional green with white lettering. This W McLean AV sign marked a street in the Bucktown neighborhood of Chicago. Today, it’s […]
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1950 New York to Florida Ocean Highway Road Map

Summer has unofficially begun. Memorial Day weekend kicked off the season off and I’m sure many of you had the chance to take a quick getaway. But if you didn’t, perhaps road trip plans are in store once summer really heats up. If you’re planning on making the trip from New York to Florida, then […]
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Little Orphan Annie and Limousine Model Kit

There was a boom of Annie memorabilia in 1982. The Broadway musical had become a major motion picture and little girls of a certain generation (my sister’s) became fans of the the little orphan girl. This model kit is one the collectibles released at that time. It was released by the Knickerbocker Toy Company. The […]
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1950s Ford Edsel Car TV Commercial

The auto designer of the doomed 1950s Ford Edsel died earlier this week. His name was Roy Brown Jr. He was 96 years-old. The Edsel was a flop when it was first introduced in 1957, but Brown was always proud of his design. Take a look for yourself as the cars roll by in this […]
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Art Deco ‘Driving Down to Mexico’ Travel Brochure

I love vintage travel brochures and here’s another great one I found recently. It’s title ‘Driving Down to Mexico’ and was printed in Mexico. There’s no date on it, but I guess it would be from the 1920s or 30s. Note the art deco look on the cover. The fold out brochure highlights sites to […]
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Prints and Postcards for the London Underground ‘Tube’

The world’s first underground railway opened 150 years ago in London. The journey began at Paddington Staion and ended at Farringdon and was less than four miles long. Today, the London Underground is one of the largest transport systems in the world. Throughout it’s history the Tube (as it’s dubbed fondly) has lured commuters to […]
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European 1955-56 Sports Cars from High Performance Magazine

This magazine from October 1955 offers a glimpse into latest and fastest European sports cars of the day. Pictured here are a few of the many photos I took from the magazine. If you own one of these or any other European sports cars please let us know. We’d love to hear from you!
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Emilio Pucci Uniforms & Bubble Helmet for Braniff Airlines

In 1965 Braniff International Airlines wanted to update their image and update they did. They swung into the mid-60s with a kaledoscopic of hip colors. Italian fashion designer Emilio Pucci was hired to create new uniforms for the Braniff crew. One of the more unusual accessories was the so-called space or bubble helmet. It was […]
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Rigby’s Warplanes of the World Model Kit

We cleaned out my dad’s barn a few Sundays ago and high on shelf covered with sawdust was this tattered and torn punch-out book. It’s called “Easy to Build Models of Warplanes of the World – 2nd Series.” It was published in 1943 and made by Wallis Rigby. This was the height of World War […]
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Colt Disco Roller Skates in the 1970s

Here’s a groovy little item from the local flea market! A pair of vintage roller skates made by the Colt Company in 1970s and 80s. Roller Skating was huge in during these decades. Skating below a disco ball to the tune “Good Times” by Chic! Roller Skating even hit Hollywood studios and the Broadway stage […]
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