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U2 performs New Year’s Day on British TV in 1983

U2‘s first really big hit was their song New Year’s Day. It was released on January 1, 1983. Here’s a 1983 performance the Irish band gave on the UK program Top of the Pops.
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Otis Redding performs on TV the night before his death in a plane crash

The music headlines in December 1967 shocked fans of soul when Stax star Otis Redding died in a plane crash. The front page of this British weekly says it all. Otis Redding appeared on the December 9, 1967 episode of Cleveland television show Upbeat on WEWS-TV. Here he performs “Respect” from that appearance. Tragically, Redding […]
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The Beatles Rubber Soul Original Photo – Uncropped & Unstretched

The Beatles Rubber Soul album reminds me of the fall. The cover to Rubber Soul is a classic. It was taken by Robert Freeman at John’s house in Weybridge. The photo that appears on the cover is cropped and elongated — here’s the original photo by Freeman.
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John Lennon Visits the set of Happy Days

Here’s a photo making the ’rounds on the internet. It was posted by May Pang, John Lennon’s former girlfriend, on her Facebook page. Apparently, in 1974 Lennon took his son Julian on a tour of Paramount Studios and one of the stops included a visit with the cast of Happy Days. The visit took place […]
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Ray Manzarek and The Doors Perform without Jim Morrison

If Jim Morrison was the voice of The Doors, then Ray Manzarek was its sound. Ray’s riffs on the organ made the group’s sound unique and instantly recognizable. Manzarek was my fave Door. Check out this performance (minus the Lizard King) with Manzarek on vocals.
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Remember These? Sealed 45s

Does anyone remember sealed 45s? They were popular in the early to mid-1980s. I recall going into stores like Woolworth’s, K-mark or Bradlees and finding them there. They’d either be organized in alphabetical order or according to that week’s Top Ten list. There would also be a section of “Golden Oldies” – records from the […]
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The Who Maximum R&B Live at Leeds New Musical Express Cover

Here’s a classic design featuring Pete Townsend with his Rickenbacker guitar and The Who logo. The original 1964 design was used to promote The Who’s weekly performances at the Marquee Club in London. The band played there on Thursday nights for seven weeks. Posters were black and white with the tag line “Maximum R&B”. The […]
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Donovan: From Sunshine Superman to Mellow Yellow

Certain artists convey a particular season for me. When I hear the music of 1960s Scottish singer-songerwriter Donovan, I think of spring. I suppose it’s the “flowery” messages, arrangements and clothing! Enjoy these two classic Donovan tunes from 1966 and ’67.
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Sheet Music: I’d Love to Be in Ireland the Day They Set Ireland Free

Here’s a vintage tribute to Ireland’s independence! The Irish fought the British from 1916 to 1921. This sheet music was published in 1921, the last year of war. Eddie Cantor was one of the song’s co-writers. Cantor wasn’t Irish, but the song conjured up the feelings many Irish immigrants had as a war was being […]
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Johnny Cash Performs for Inmates at San Quentin Prison

We remember the Man in Black. This past week Johnny Cash would have celebrated his 81st birthday. My Vintage Video pays tribute to one of his most historic recordings/concerts. In 1969 Cash performed for inmates of San Quentin Prison. Here’s a clip from that performance.
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