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Oversize Holiday Candle Matchbook

It’s becoming increasingly difficult to find matchbooks at local businesses. They used to be ubiquitous and an easy way for businesses to advertise. But with smoking rates down, its easier (and healthier) for businesses to hand out pens, sticky notes or other products. This matchbook is from a bank in Middlesex County in Massachusetts and […]
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It’s a 150 year tradition. Put Bell’s Seasoning on your Turkey

It’s known as a seasoning for all types of meat and fish, but Bell’s Seasoning is best known for being used on a Thanksgiving turkey. The seasoning was founded by William G Bell in 1867, three years after Thanksgiving was declared a national holiday. Here are some more fun facts: Seven blends are used including […]
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“Christmas with the Superheroes” Comic Book

In the 1970s DC comics collected and reprinted several superhero stories and gathered them into limited collector’s editions. This issue titled “Christmas with the Superheroes was published in 1976. It includes reprint stories from Superman’s Christmas Adventure #1; Batman #219; House of Mystery #191; Sensation Comics #14; and Adventure Comics #82. Wishing all MVG fans […]
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Christmas stencils make a window wonderland

These window stencils certainly bring back a vintage Christmas memory. Do you recall using them or seeing this commercial?
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Ghosts on The Muppet Show Sing The Beatles for Halloween

This Halloween let’s feature a trio of ghosts singing the Lennon and McCartney classic I’m Looking Through You. The friendly ghosts performed the tune on The Muppet Show.
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Newsreel: 1958 Garment Union Strike

This Labor Day weekend let’s look at a vintage newsreel from 1958. The news of the day was a strike by Garment Union workers in New York City. Watch another newsreel from the 1950s: “Can a Monkey Do My Job.” This is a anti-communist film from the US government.
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Boston Pops Play the 1812 Overture on July 4th, 1976

One of the musical highlights every fourth of July is when the Boston Pops appear at the Esplanade and perform their rendition of the Tchaikovsky’s 1812 Overture. Arthur Fiedler, the late Pops conductor, was the first US conductor to introduce the song during July 4th celebrations. The performance was such a success that two years […]
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‘Here Comes Peter Cottontail’ ABC TV Promo

There are only two children’s TV Easter specials that I can think of. The Peanuts’ Easter Beagle is one. The Rankin and Bass special ‘Here Comes Peter Cottontail’ is the other. In my humble opinion, the Rankin and Bass show is the better of the two. This week’s My Vintage Video is the original TV […]
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Sheet Music: I’d Love to Be in Ireland the Day They Set Ireland Free

Here’s a vintage tribute to Ireland’s independence! The Irish fought the British from 1916 to 1921. This sheet music was published in 1921, the last year of war. Eddie Cantor was one of the song’s co-writers. Cantor wasn’t Irish, but the song conjured up the feelings many Irish immigrants had as a war was being […]
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Dick Clark’s 1973 New Year’s Eve Ball Drop

Let’s watch the ball drop like it’s 1973! Happy New Year everybody!
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