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In 1932 there were TV viewing times in Department Stores

Here’s an interesting ad I found in a 1932 newspaper. The ad is Gimbel’s department store announcing viewing times for new television sets on display. Now keep in mind. TVs were a novelty. Very few people had the money to purchase them. AND there were hardly any TV shows to watch. Even still, having TVs […]
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1960s Rhapsody II Jukebox

Last week, I wrote about a friend who has a vintage “Dolly Parton” pinball machine in his man cave. Here’s one more vintage treasure of his. It’s a 1963 Rhapsody II Jukebox. The Rhapsody II Jukebox was a staple in diners, laundromats and video arcades in 1963 an 1964. For a history of the jukebox […]
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1960 Kodak ‘Turn Around’ TV Commerical

Last week the Hostess Company filed for bankruptcy; this week it’s Kodak’s turn. It’s sad to see a 131-year-old company fold like this. And it’s sadder still to watch this 1960 TV commercial. Grab a tissue as you watch this week’s My Vintage Video.
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1989 Centel Cell Phone TV Commercial

I just upgraded to a new cell phone (an iPhone 4S) after using a flip phone for the past 7 years. My new purchase had me wondering about the first cell phone. This week’s My Vintage Video is look back at one of the first TV commercials for the then-new device. I’m glad to see […]
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1977 Early Apple TV Commercial

We pay tribute to the late Steve Jobs in this week’s My Vintage Video. Here’s one of the earliest (if not the earliest) Apple computer commercials to air on TV. The year was 1977.
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1959 General Electric Annual Report

This week, General Electric releases their results for the 3rd quarter. Let’s look at some of the items featured in their 1959 annual report.
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1962 Radio Shack catalog

RadioShack is one of the oldest retailers in the United States. The first store/mail-order operation opened for business in 1921, in downtown Boston. It was founded by Theodore and Milton Deutschmann. They chose the name RadioShack because they specialized in radio equipment (primarily for ships and ham operators) and the space was small. This RadioShack […]
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30th anniversary of Pac-Man

Thirty years ago this month one of the most popular video games in the world was introduced — Pac-man! Pac-man‘s a fun and easy game to play. But, believe it or not there’s a strategy to play it. So keep these in mind next time you head to the arcade : 1 – Your only […]
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Nakamichi 500 Dual Tracer

Throughout much of its history, cassettes were deemed inferior to reels or vinyl among audiophiles. But then along came Nakamichi stereo cassette decks. The year was 1973. This dual cassette deck was released between 1974 and 1978. Two models came out in the 500 series. This one and the 550 Versatile Cassette System, which some […]
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AKAI Reel to Reel Player

Before MP3s, compact discs, 8-track and cassette tapes there were audio reels. These were played on reel-to-reel tape decks. And you know what? For my money, they sound better than any of the aforementioned audio formats. This particular reel-to-reel tape deck is owned by an audiophile friend of mine (eBay user ID: TechnoRay). I borrowed […]
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