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Flappers & designs in Sept 1922 issue of Vogue magazine

Fashion from the 1920s has made a comeback thanks in large part to the success of Downton Abbey. I wonder if dress designers for the TV series have researched styles from the era by dipping into old Vogue magazines. Here’s a great issue of the premier fashion mag from September 1922. The cover illustration was […]
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London Fall Fashion 1967 Newsreel

This season, how about a bit of fall fashion from London circa 1967? I quite like the butterfly-on-the-back motif. Enjoy this week’s My Vintage Video.
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Newsreel: 1958 Garment Union Strike

This Labor Day weekend let’s look at a vintage newsreel from 1958. The news of the day was a strike by Garment Union workers in New York City. Watch another newsreel from the 1950s: “Can a Monkey Do My Job.” This is a anti-communist film from the US government.
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David Bowie’s First TV Appearance in 1964

David Bowie released his first album in 10 years this week. We want to look back at Bowie’s first TV appearance. It was 1964 and the 17-year-old went by his real name, David Jones. Mr. Jones appeared on the BBC discussing The Society for the Prevention of Cruelty to Long Haired Men.
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1930 Flapper Paper Mache Halloween Costumes

Here’s a very cool photograph I found in a 1930 arts and crafts magazine called “Parties.” It’s hard to find photos of early Halloween costumes and even harder to find photos before 1940. This photo shows what flappers in the Roaring Twenties would have worn.
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Emilio Pucci Uniforms & Bubble Helmet for Braniff Airlines

In 1965 Braniff International Airlines wanted to update their image and update they did. They swung into the mid-60s with a kaledoscopic of hip colors. Italian fashion designer Emilio Pucci was hired to create new uniforms for the Braniff crew. One of the more unusual accessories was the so-called space or bubble helmet. It was […]
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P.F. Flyers Sneaker Commercial with Johnny Quest

This week’s My Vintage Video is a 1960’s sneaker commercial for P.F. Flyers. The sneaker was first made in 1937; by the 1960s it was one of the largest sneaker brands in the world. Johnny Quest, the animated-character by Hanna-Barbera, became a spokesman for P.F. Flyers. in the mid-sixties. These custom-animated commercials aired during the […]
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Colt Disco Roller Skates in the 1970s

Here’s a groovy little item from the local flea market! A pair of vintage roller skates made by the Colt Company in 1970s and 80s. Roller Skating was huge in during these decades. Skating below a disco ball to the tune “Good Times” by Chic! Roller Skating even hit Hollywood studios and the Broadway stage […]
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Al Hirschfeld Draws the Cast from ‘The HoneyMooners’ TV Show

Al Hirschfeld and icons from American TV, film and Broadway went together like a horse-and-carriage. Hirschfeld’s simple black and white line drawings were fixtures in the Arts section of the Sunday New York Times for decades. Any actor or actress knew they made it when Hirschfeld put pen to paper. The above caricature was drawn […]
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Costume Designer Nolan Miller & his ‘Dynasty’ Shoulder Pads

Nolan Miller, Hollywood costumer designer for Charlie’s Angels, Dynasty and other TV shows, died last week at the age of 79. One of his signature fashion statements was the 1980s power suit; more specifically, the shoulder pad! This week’s My Vintage Video pays tribute to Miller, whose fame rested on the shoulders of Linda Evans […]
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