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The Beatles 1964 movie trailers to A Hard Day’s Night

Fifty years ago this week, The Beatles released their first full length feature film: A Hard Day’s Night. This week’s My Vintage Video feature two theatrical trailers used to promote the film. The second trailer includes a scene of the fab four in baby carriages; it was never shown in US theaters.
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The Dixie Cups perform their #1 hit ‘Chapel of Love’

During the height of the British Invasion in 1964, along came a girl group from New Orleans with a number one hit. “Chapel of Love” by the Dixie Cups was a smash in June of ’64. Enjoy this week’s My Vintage Video.
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Pop Up Book: Edward Gorey’s The Dwindling Party

Who doesn’t love a pop up book? I remember being fascinated with them as a child – things move, turn and flap open. And even as an adult the pages bring a smile to my face. This book by the late Edward Gorey was in our family. I found it in a box of books […]
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Vintage Advertising: Gulf Oil Triptych Brochure

Memorial Day weekend kicks of summer travel. Millions of people will gas up and hit the road. Here’s a vintage advertising brochure for Gulf Oil. I love the illustration of the granny driving what looks to be an old Model T. For more on vintage Gulf Oil Collectibles click here.
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Newsreel: The 1964 World’s Fair opens in New York

Fifty years ago this month, the 1964 World’s Fair opened in Flushing Meadows, New York. By the time the fair closed a year later, more than 50 million people attended the fair. And although that was less than the projected 70 million mentioned in this newsreel, for those who did attend, everlasting memories were made.
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Uncle Sam’s Coin Register Bank

Well another tax year has come to a close. And wondering what to do with your tax refund? Perhaps put it in the bank or specifically in a vintage coin register bank. Banks like this were made throughout the 20th century. For fifty years they were made in the US by the Durable Toy and […]
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My Vintage Video: The Jive Talking Roosevelt Franklin from Sesame Street

It’s my pleasure to introduce Roosevelt Franklin, the totally hip, skatting purple muppet from Sesame Street. What’s he gonna do when he turns two? He’ll tell you in this vintage video!
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Dr Zaius Hand Puppet from the Planet of the Apes

Dr. Zaius, the orange orangutan from the Planet of the Apes, was the Minister of Science and Chief Defender of the Faith in ape society. Skeptical of humans, Zaius aim is to protect ape civilization from humankind. But the funny thing is that this hand puppet was made for little boys. So ultimately a human […]
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Star Wars characters lead an anti-smoking campaign

Fifty years ago the Surgeon General issued a warning that smoking is hazardous to one’s health. In the years following, there have been numerous anti-smoking campaigns. One public service announcement I clearly remember is this one featuring C-3P0 and R2-D2.
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Flappers & designs in Sept 1922 issue of Vogue magazine

Fashion from the 1920s has made a comeback thanks in large part to the success of Downton Abbey. I wonder if dress designers for the TV series have researched styles from the era by dipping into old Vogue magazines. Here’s a great issue of the premier fashion mag from September 1922. The cover illustration was […]
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