Dino (the Dinosaur) Flintstone


Dino (the Dinosaur) Flintstone

Fred, Dino, & Barney

I’d like my mom and sister to share custody of a dog.
My sister’s open to the idea; my mom is not.
Now Dino is obviously not a dog, but he sure acts like one.
I’m applying subtle pressure and hope my mom changes her mind.
Until then let’s honor The Flintstone’s family pet.

OWNER: Fred Flintstone

SPECIES: Snorkasaurus

COLOR: Blue or purple

FAVORITE FOOD: Shlump and Dino-Gro

ANNOYING HABIT: Jumping on and licking Fred’s face when excited.

PLAYMATES: Pebbles and Bamm-Bamm. He’s also friends with the neighbor’s pet cat, Hoppy.

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1974 Dino Comic Book

1974 Dino Comic Book

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